Partial Burqa Ban Proposed By A Minister In Germany

A woman wearing a "Niqab" veil participa
A Muslim women protesting against the Burqa Laws.

Berlin: The interior minister of Germany has suggested that the Muslim full face veil or burqa worn by women should be banned partially due to increased security risks.


The German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said, “ the face veil does not belong in Germany society, where more than four million Muslims live, calling the proposed ban a “preventive measure”.


He said that the ban will be applicable in “places where it is necessary for our society’s co-existence.”


The places where burqa will be banned include schools, universities, while driving, courtrooms and government offices.


Thomas de Maiziere further said, “the proposed ban was not a security issue but an integration issue. Of course, the issue of the full veil stands for the question which role certain branches of Islam play in Germany.”


The large flow of muslim migrants and refugees and the recent terrorist activities in Germany has created fear in the hearts of German population, this ban is an effort to address and defuse those fears by Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany.


The junior partners in ruling coalition, the Social Democrats (SPD) has some reservations regarding the ban, that is why the interior minister did not gave any timeline for drafting the bill and submitting it to become law.


Although the Christian Union bloc is in favor of a complete ban on veils but Thomas de Maiziere suggested that partial ban is more likely to be approved from the parliament as compared to a blanket ban.


Regarding the ban on face veil, Angela Merkel said, “From my point of view, a woman who is entirely veiled has hardly any chance at integrating,”


However, there are some people who are opposing the bill, according to an integration expert from SPD, Bilkay Oney such a move will be detrimental in fighting radicalisation.


He said, “In France they long ago outlawed the burqa but it apparently couldn’t stop a single terror attack. However, I don’t like the mentality behind a burqa, either – it is a piece of clothing that no emancipated woman can accept. You have to convince people to no longer want [the veil]. We must ensure that Muslims and migrants emancipate themselves but that will take time.”


Other groups are opposing the bill on the basis of basic human rights and individual freedom, according to an article on the Spiegel Online, “apparently have so little faith in the attractiveness of values such as individual freedom and equal rights that they think bans are necessary”.


Such actions do little in improving security, for example France had a complete Burqa ban implemented but it failed to stop a single terrorist attack in their country, the ban only help in the disintegration of their population.


Moreover such bans garner the hate and opposition of the muslim population globally as face veils are considered an important part of their faith.


Muslim populations all across the world are criticizing this move by Germany as they did against France, such laws create more hate towards the countries which sought to implement them. For such laws Germany has became the most hated countries in the world among muslim population. Ref: Here


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