Krakatoa, One of the Most Deadliest Volcano Eruptions Ever


On August of 26th 1883 the tiny volcanic island of Krakatoa erupted creating one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history. In less than 48 hours it destroyed hundreds of towns and villages and left more than 36,000 people dead. Those who survive the eruption left tells the horrific stories.

On the 20th of May Krakatoa begin for the first time to emit vast quantities of smoke. It should have been warning to us but for some this was just a chance to make money. J.H Lindeman captain of the governor-general Louder since the death of his wife and only child two years earlier he’d been reduced to ferrying passengers around the local area.

On 27th of May 1883 the steam ship loaded with, Through May and June the three creators of Krakatoa continue to emit jets of steam . The gases cause strange blue green coloration of sun, they were considered harmless by the inhabitants. The volcano being some thirty miles of the coast life continued as normal.

On the day of the eruption the geography of the area will determine who will live and die, at the center of the Sundan Straits Krakatoa. The first tsunami produced by the volcano had headed north, It destroyed Kalimbang killing thousands.

On Monday 27th August, That morning there was no dawn in Krakatoa, throughout the night the explosions increase. A series of booms could be heard hundreds of miles away, the volcano was entering a new phase. After 20 hours of constant eruption the magma chamber of Krakatoa was empty with nothing to support it the volcano begins to collapse. The resulting blast was so great that it was heard 3000 miles away In Australia the loudest voice recorded in history.

Millions of tons of ash pot into the ocean triggering a tsunami more destructive than anything that it come before. The wave was 40 meters high and it lift lighthouse from its base it destroy the entire coastline towns, villages there was nothing we can do. Thousands of people died.  The collapse in volcano had unlashed to final avalanche to scolding ash. Where it may contact with water, it road on a cushion of steam , ash and gas heated to more than 500 C ripped across the ocean towards the highlands of Southern Sumatra .

The eruption destroyed 165 coastal villages and left more than 36,000 people dead. There were reports of bodies being washed up in the coast of Africa a year later. The Dutch authorities ordered 25,000 gallons of gasoline to be used in the burning of the bodies.

The eruption had far reaching effects, 20 millions tons of the Sulpher released into the atmosphere causing extraordinary sunset on the planet and lowering the global temperature well into the 20th century.  Of Krakatoa itself almost nothing remained, 12 sequare miles of solid rock had disappeared in the space of 48 hours, The volcano has literary blasted itself apart.

In 1927 from 300 meter below the Sunder Straits it erupted again. Growing at a rate of 5 meters every year. Indonesian call this volcano “Son of Krakatoa”, Today millions of people live with in sight of it and it is still growing.


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