Scientists have developed a 10 in 1 pill using 3d printing.

Singapore: There are millions of people around the world that take medicine for different ailments and diseases and a lot of them get easily tired of consuming pills constantly. Now scientists have come up with a solution for this problem with the help of 3d printing technology and they have developed a pill that is composed of 10 different pills and it releases the prescribed pills at their prescribed times.

3d printed pills can be an alternative for taking multiple pills and a single 3d printed pill will be enough for all the patient’s necessities. This project has been completed by the National University of Singapore by putting 10 ten different pills into one capsule which will release prescribed dosages automatically.

According to experts these capsules are not lacking in anything and this could be a modern and more cheaper way of consuming medicine. This will also solve the problem of maintaining dosages as the capsule will do it automatically.

The way it works is that first a doctor recommends the type, quantity and daily time of taking the medicine then a computer makes a template of the medicine and finally all the details are sent to the 3d printer.


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