Iraqi forces enter Floja to occupy the city from ISIS.

Baghdad: Iraqi forces along with the allied forces have moved in to Floja from three different sides.

According to the foreign news agency a new phase of operations have been started by the Iraqi military and air force to free the city of Floja from ISIS. Ground forces armed with heavy weaponry have entered the city from three different points and are facing extreme resistance.  Before this operation the Iraqi forces have done successful operations in the villages of Fooja which are only 50 kilometer away from the capital.

According to the operation commander Lt.General Abdul Wahab Al Saadi counter terrorism services, Anbar Police and Iraqi military is taking part in this operation and these forces are aided by Army aviation, Iraqi air force and aerial support from the allied forces.

Before the start of Floja operation a few families succeeded in getting out of the city while ISIS still have more than 50,000 civilians as hostages and it is feared that ISIS might use the hostages as human shields.

Do note that Floja is the second largest city of Iraq and is currently occupied by ISIS whereas they also have control over the city of Mosul.


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