Chinese company introduces world’s first flexible smartphone.


China: An unknown Chinese company has won the race of manufacturing the world’s first bendable smartphone by building a phone that is so flexible that you can wrap it on your wrist.


Building flexible phones is being considered as the next step in the evolution of smartphones, Samsung is also working on the same idea but this Chinese company has produced a flexible phone in the market ahead of Samsung. This phone is a touchscreen smartphone with all the capabilities of a modern phone but it is extremely flexible, so flexible that you can wrap it on your wrist without any problem.


The idea is that you would wear this phone on your wrist like a watch due to its flexibility. The Chinese company Moxi is launching this phone and because this company already has a series of phones in the market it can be expected that the new phone will have good quality. Due to the design of the phone a smaller sized battery is used but it is more powerful.


This phone is going to be quite expensive due to the fact that it has no competition in the market yet. The phone will be launched in two colors, black and white and will be available in China by the end of this year for $760.


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