Taliban will never rule Afghanistan again, Barack Obama.

Tokyo: The U.S President Barack Obama said that the world does not want to see Al- Qaeda and ISIS to prosper in Afghanistan, so the Taliban should realize that they would never govern Afghanistan again.

While attending the G7 conference in Japan, Barack Obama said that the hope of negotiations with the new leadership of Taliban is dwindling because the even with new leadership Taliban are still focusing on violence and we are afraid that the extremists will continue to terrorize Afghanistan. He said that he hopes a time will come when the Taliban leadership will realize that negotiation is the only way forward and he thinks that time will come soon.

Barack Obama also criticized the presidential candidate Donald Trump and said that world leaders don’t like Donald Trump and the reason is that he is either ignorant of world affairs or his attitude towards them is careless. According to him Donald Trump is not interested in the well being and future of the world, he just knows how to be in the limelight with controversial statements and tweets. He have no interest in the progress of United States of America. Barack Obama said, “A lot of the proposals that he has made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude,”.


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