Obama reached Japan; Demand for apology on nuclear attacks intensifies.

Tokyo: Obama has arrived in the city of Ise-Shima in Japan to attend the meeting of the G7 group. He will also visit the nuclear attack affected area of Hiroshima. Heads of states of U.K, France, Italy,Germany and Canada are also expected to arrive in Japan to attend the meeting.

During a joint press conference in Ise-shima with Barack Obama the Japanese Prime Minister said that the murder of a Japanese woman by the hands of an official of American military base represents a criminal nature and I have strongly protested on this incident. The American president said that he is deeply sorry for the murder and said that U.S will continue their cooperation with Japan and will assist in the investigation.

The Japanese foreign minister said that the nuclear attacks on Japan killed countless Japanese civilians and Japan faced the worst of the worst conditions. Our government has taken a firm stance from the start that the U.S has violated basic human rights with the nuclear attacks and the relatives of the deceased civilians are demanding an apology from the U.S government. He said that President Obama should apologize from Japan for the american nuclear attacks.



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