Digital data to be stored and buried on the surface of Moon.

UK: Today you will have your photos and videos stored on different drives and cloud services, but if you want to store your data on the Moon the Lunar Mission is ready provide this service for free.

A British company is intending to land on the Moon in 2024 with their Lunar Mission One project.. No humans are going to be sent to the Moon but two types of digital treasures will be sent with the help of a robot. The founder of the lunar mission stated that we are going to drill a hole on the surface of Moon and create an ideal atmosphere for data storing for longer periods, than we will bury the data there.

The data stored on the moon will consist of two types, one is personal data of the people who want to store their data on the Moon and the other type of data will consist of human history. It will include all the information of human life on Earth, it will also include the data of the current decade.
It is difficult to measure the amount of data that is being collected to be sent to the Moon, it could be in terabytes or even petabytes. An android application has been introduced to gather personal data, people willing to send data can take pictures, audios and videos to the digital memory box which will be buried on the surface of the Moon.

Story source: iNewsJournal


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